National Exhibition by The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada - Boucherville May 25 to 28, 2017

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# Compagny Dealer Email Speciality
1-2-3 Roy's Stamps Roy Houtby Canada & provinces, British commonwealth stamps and covers
4 Canadian Stamps Stéphane Bilodeau Canada & worldwide stamps & covers
5 Nigel J. Mackey Migel Mackey Great Britain, Canada, British commonwealth
6 Canadian Stamp News Mike Walsh Magazine and philatelic supplies
7 Chris Green Chris Green Canada, BNA, Germany. British commonwealth and France and colonies
8 Hugo Deshaye Philatelist Hugo Deshaye Canada, BNA, postal history, Canada postcards
9 Bill Longley Bill Longley Canada, postal history, public auctions
10-11 Bill Barrell LTD Bill Barrell Great Britain stamps and Postal history
12 SPINK George Eveleth Public auctions, Canada & BNA, British Empire
13-14 Canada Stamp Finder Maxime Herold Canada, Provinces Want list, errors & varieties
15-16-17 ZIMO Jean Dallaire Scandinavia, mixtures, Europa
18 Northwind Stamps Robert Cantwell Scandinavia, Canada, Newfoundland
19-20 Les timbres HPK Stamps Montreal Angelo Komatsoulis Canada, France, China, Monaco, Vatican, Great Britain, Greece, TAAF
21-22 City Stamps Robert Cooperman Canada, British North America, British Commonwealth
23 John Beddows Philatelist John Beddows Classic Canada, collections, worldwide
24-25-26 Monde magnifique des timbres Isodore Baum Disney stamps, topical, worldwide
27-28 Timbrathèque Patrick Chalifoux Canada and worldwide
29 Alfred Lemay Alfred Lemay - Worldwide
30-31 Frank Hoyles Philatelist Frank Hoyles Postal history, Postcards, Worldwide stamps,Canadian cancels
32-33 Medaillon Stamps Rick Day Canada and United States.
34 Timbre Jérômien Jean-Noel - Worldwide
35-36 Gary Lyon Philatelist Gary Lyon
Canada, Newfoundland, and provinces
37-38 Vance Auctions Vance Carmichael Auctions, Canada and provinces, covers and postal history
39 Gilles Sirois Gilles Sirois Worldwide, new issues, general
40 Taylor Stamps Rob Taylor Canada, provinces, and BNA
41-42-43 Lighthouse Philippe Laperle Merchandise, accessories albums
44-45 William Coates Philatelist William Coates Canada, Newfoundland, postal history




Société royale de philatélie du Canada • Association des numismates et des philatélistes de Boucherville • Fédération québécoise de philatélie

Exposition Royale 2017 Royal Exhibition

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