National Exhibition by The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada - Boucherville May 25 to 28, 2017

Charles Verge – Chief Judge
Charles J. G. Verge, FRPSC, FRPSL, has been an exhibitor since 1987, a national judge since 1989 and an international one since 1995. He has served as president of many philatelic organizations including the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors. In the early 2000’s, as president of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada (2000-2007), he worked closely with the President of the American Philatelic Society to put in place North American standards for judging and exhibiting as well as successfully getting the Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) to establish a One-Frame Class at international exhibitions. He has written extensively and given seminars on exhibiting and judging over the last two decades and, in June 2016, was the keynote speaker (Changes in exhibiting and judging standards in the last 20 years at the International level) at the meeting of the FIP Commission for Traditional Philately during the World Exhibition New York 2016. He is an accredited Jury Chairman/Chief Judge and Team leader and Jury Secretary (FIP).

Stéphane Cloutier
Stéphane Cloutier started collecting stamps when he was 8 years old. He seriously caught the postal history bug in 1998, and now collects Canadian duplex cancellations, items related to the postal history of the city of Hamilton, Ontario, and Canadian postmarks in general. He also collects definitives of France, from 1849 and on, and specializes in the postmarks of Paris from 1876 to1900. He has been Secretary-Treasurer of the Postal History Society of Canada from 2005 to 2010, and has been its President since then. He has also been involved in the smooth running of ORAPEX in Ottawa since 2006. He is a member of several stamp societies and enjoys exhibiting and writing. He started his judging apprenticeship at the Lakeshore Stamp Show in 2008 and became a fully accredited RPSC judge in 2009.

Grégoire Teyssier
Grégoire Teyssier is holder of a Master Degree in History of communication from Laval University, Quebec City, Grégoire began collecting stamps when he was 11 years old. He is a national-level accredited judge since 1995 and was on board of the RPSC, the Société philatélique de Québec, the Société d’Histoire Postale du Québec and some national or international exhibitions such as Royale 84, Royale 1995 and Capex 96. He was also President of La Société d’histoire postale du Québec. He has written more than 50 articles in French in specialized journals and published « Initiation aux marques postales du Québec ». He also worked as a consultant for the Canadian Postal Museum and The Canadian Postal Archives during many years. He has been exhibiting his own collections since 1982 at the national or international levels and was awarded the Grand Prize for one of those collections at BNAPS 2016. He is a member of the following societies: RPSC, BNAPS, SPQ, SHPQ, CPS of GB.

George Constantourakis
George Constantourakis has been collecting stamps since the age of 8. His collecting areas are Maximaphily, Postal History, Meter Franking and, in particular, Thematic Philately. He started exhibiting in the 90’s. He exhibited 4 collections in Maximaphily and one collection in Thematic Philately at 18 FIP exhibitions. Awards received for his collections include 5 Gold medals at national level, and 5 Vermeil medals, 11 Large Vermeil medals and 1 Gold medal at FIP level. A member of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, George has been acting, since 2010, as a judge at national level at 4 regional and national exhibitions. He represented Canada as a Commissionner at 5 FIP exhibitions. He was Chairman of the FIP Maximaphily Commission from 2009 to 2016. He also has been acting as Canadian Delegate to the FIP Maximaphily Commission since 2000 and as Canadian Delegate to the FIP Thematic Philately Commission since 2016. As a teacher, his desire to promote the joy of stamp collecting to youngsters made him put into place a School Stamp Club (2001-2014).

Robert Lunn
Though born and raised in Toronto, New Brunswick has been home to Robert Lunn for the past 25 years. Rob, his wife Stephanie and their two children reside in Nasonworth located just outside the capital of Fredericton. He has been working for the City of Fredericton for the past 22 years in the field of Information Technology. Rob became a Director of the RPSC in 2012 and is also a national level philatelic judge. His collecting interests include Prince Edward Island, the Canadian 1898 Imperial Penny Postage stamp, picture postcards and different thematics. Awards for his 1898 Imperial Penny Postage exhibit include Gold (Royal 2010, Novapex 2012) and Vermeil (St. Petersburg 2007 World Stamp Exhibition). ‘Single frame’ awards include Gold and Single Frame Grand (Orapex 2014) for his Internal Mails and Postage Rates of Pre-Confederation Prince Edward Island and Gold and Single Frame Grand Award (Royal 2016) for his 1898 Imperial Penny Postage Rate Change Study exhibit. He is a member of the RPSC, BNAPS, CPSGB and AAPE. Rob is also very involved locally in the Fredericton and District Stamp Club including helping to organize stamp shows and exhibitions.




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